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*Free* app to help track my miles?


Are there any good mileage tracking apps that are actually free, not just trial-period free? I know people writing apps deserve to make money, too, but I don't anticipate driving enough to make much and I don't want to spend what little I do make on stuff to support the driving.

The thing is, I am a brand new driver in a small town that has literally *just* opened in July. The town has a very strong bus system and loads of people I know have never even heard of Uber. I only turn my app on to drive during the time I am normally waiting for my daughter to complete her dance class, so roughly 2-hour increments, 3-4 days/week.

So, I'm driving very, very minimally. I hope/anticipate this will increase as the weather gets colder/people grow more aware of the service. However, it means I'm making almost nothing. I'd like to find a truly free app to track my very limited miles. So far, everything I've seen has been free for a short time then charge a fee.

Any suggestions?


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Calendar on your Smartphone sync'd with your email account. I use gmail.
Starting Odometer Reading
Ending Odometer Reading
Total Miles Driven
Location(s) driven
Other Notes/References

Free and backed up to cloud. Accessible anywhere you can login to your email account. Searchable by dates and keywords. Reliable backup of your records in cloud and/or downloaded to your PC at home.

As is or create a Spreadsheet and transfer info.

Or Sherpashare or an App.


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LOL - okay, okay, I get it. :wink: Stop trying to find the 'easy way' out. :wink: I do have this method. :biggrin:

Also, thanks SC Dave! I forgot about good old google! :smiles:
There you go. Just get started tracking your Miles. When you find a "better" way, change.
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