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Fountain drinks arnt meant to be delivered

Discussion in 'Deliver' started by Uber1111uber, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. How am I supposed to carry 6 fountain drinks and 2 bags of food up 3 floors in an apartment building? When delivery started with pizzas it was always 2 liters or maybe a six pack of pop I cant stand delivering fountain drinks they arnt meant to be. I'll never do another fast food delivery until they have cans or bottles. Car seats are not perfectly flat and it's too distracting trying to use 1 hand to drive and steady 2 different cup holders and I dont wanna set them on the floor in case the customer is out waiting and that's just gross anyway. Well sorry for ththe rant
  2. BigBadJohn


    Shakes are just as bad, maybe worse. McDonald's and Five Guys are the worst offenders in my area.
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  3. All for $5.95 :rolleyes:
  4. Woohaa


    Los Angeles

    You still need to make 2 trips.
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  5. Take a sip out of each one to make spillages less likely?
  6. LolIKnow


    You don't....You tell them to come down and remind them to bring 2 extra pair of hands.
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  7. People only order fountain drinks from fast-food places. Decline fast-food places and you'll rarely have to deal with them.

    Boba tea is usually in a sealed cup that you can just have in a bag and not worry about. I'm learning which boba tea places don't seal their cups, and looking at the order to see how many drinks are involved.
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  8. Don't deliver to the apartment or front door- have people come to your car, and remind them to bring your tip and an extra person for their extra annoying ****heel order.

    Also, remind them that they suck donkey balls for breakfast and you hate them with a passion. But only remind them of these points AFTER you receive your tip.
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  9. 8F0CB130-70B6-4A1E-B947-F20B67F3BE90.jpeg
    Get with the program folks.
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  10. Invisible


    Some tall, bulky drink cups still have the option of coming out of the drink carrier. It’s happened to be a few times with Firehouse Subs because their large cups are too darn big.
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  11. LolIKnow


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  12. In large orders, I usually call and ask for help. If the apt is on the 3rd floor then call tell them you can't find it and would they come down to meet you. This is believable, especially in the dark. I hate gated communities with guards more than apartments.
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  13. andaas


    Place the full drink container into a plastic bag for easier carrying.
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  14. Sometimes the bags they give us aren't sufficient. You have to order some of your own from Amazon. I got the Kibaga ones and they work well for large orders. Thankfully, I haven't had to transport six drinks and two bags of food yet. But you just have to figure out how to brace your cargo so it doesn't fall over. And drive cautiously, no matter how late you are.
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  15. Ride or Die

    Ride or Die

    I hate those damn flat drink carriers. I've actually considered ordering some of these. I deliver so few drinks that a single batch should last me a long while.

    cup holder.jpg
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  16. This is what I use. But it does not work good on extra large fountain cups. It also does not work for extra small cups. Everything in between is good.

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  17. Uber Eats is a Losing Proposition.
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  18. oicu812


    That's not good for balancing the drinks in the car.
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  19. I hang the drinks with it on my rear view mirror like an evergreen tree air freshener.
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