Fort Sam Houston

A month ago I dropped off three female trainees to FT Sam Houstin but GPS is all jacked up when you get there and they wont let you in because you have no clearance , we had circled the entire base trying to find the closest spot for them to get off , the Uber map kept routinfg me to a location not accessible, a great fare none the less, but I felt really stupid because I was unfamiliar with the base entry or how to proceed , but I had another pickup a few days ago and they were also trainees headed to FT Sam , I got a bit nervous as I was like " here we go again " and i was absolutely correct , The GPS did the same thing it kept doing to the last trip i made here .
But now i have a answer for anyone with this dilemma !!! the trainess said not sure why the Uber gps is taking us here , but if you drive us to the Benz -Ingelmann entrance there is a designated Uber drop off point there . The road goes between two buildings and it looks a bit desolate , and i told them " are you sure "? they said yes keep driving , and then up ahead there was a kind of lonely parking lot a bit dark with a bunch of Uber drivers parked there , TIP !!! they said Uber drivers park there and wait and the pings go off all day and night with miitary heading off base somewhere , you can literally just park there and wait. There is a gate there and there were lots of military folks coming out towards the parked cars HAHAHA !!! now i know :smiles:


Even if they put the correct address, the app will want to take you through the base depending where you are at. You have to know that from Harry Wurzbach get on Rittiman to 35 south to Benz Engleman


There is also the visitors' parking lot at the main entrance. I got on base one time only, and that was a drop off when my pax took me inside the Visitor Center to get a temporary pass. That took about ten minutes, so it's not something everyone would want to do.


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I learned the hard way too. I now ask which one they want before I start. The Harry Wurzbach, Binz Ingleman or the Walters. If they don't know, I saw the north entrance close to the PX, the one by the dorms or the visitor entrance.


Anytime you see Fort Sam, just head straight to the Binz-Engleman entrance. Do not pay any attention to what the GPS says. Lackland is normally the Valley Rd gate. For Medina, drop off/pick up across the street. Randolph, the parking area off to the side.

BTW, the gps will want you to go to the BAMC exit (or SAMC for more recent people to town). This is the long way. Just get off at the Binz exit itself. It will save a lot of time


Yeah I noticed that if you are passed the Bing Engleman gate it will take you all out the way. It did that to me twice last weekend before I caught on. I got pinged right when I hit 35 and 281 downtown and it took me over to Broadway up to the Harry Wurzbach Gate through post. So now I always look at the destination when im in that area and I get a ping.


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how does the whole getting on fort Sam Houston work as an Uber driver if you are in the military
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You’re gonna need to ask directly at the base how that works. For some reason I think it has to do with the ride share companies themselves not being allowed to operate on base.

We have to pick up and drop off outside of the gates at ALL bases. Every service member I’ve ever picked up or dropped off is well aware of the rule and I’ve picked up from all except Randolph.


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how does the whole getting on fort Sam Houston work as an Uber driver if you are in the military
Actually, you can just bust out your military ID and the pax Military ID and they will let you on. I typically just use the dropoff spot but have gone in a couple of times when they had rucksacks.
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For fort Sam Houston if you don’t have a military ID card you can’t get on it’s not weather or not you have a clearance or not but weather you have a military id I drop three trainees off at there barracks before because I have a military ID card and I can get on fort Sam Houston even though I am stationed in fort hood