former Uber driver has UberEATS questions


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I was down with back pain yesterday so I tried UberEATS. I was quoted a 2.99 delivery and message said it would be delivered to my door. When the driver arrived, she called me and told me to come down to get it b/c she is "not allowed" to leave her car. I live in a 3rd floor gated community that is in a safe neighborhood and it was the middle of the afternoon. I was not really happy as that defeated the purpose of even ordering. I overlooked it and still gave her a cash tip. Once I get upstairs I check the UberEATS app to find that my delivery fee miraculously doubled! That WAS NOT the fee I agreed to. At this point I'm furious.

My question for you: 1. Is the driver allowed to make the customer come to his/her car? Why call the service delivery to door then?

2. Have you seen delivery fees change in the MIDDLE of a delivery?

Overall, after driving for them and continually getting cheated out of toll fees, etc. and now getting subpar food delivery service, Uber will never see another dime from me.


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Was there parking? That’s about the only reason I can think of that she’d not be allowed to leave her car. If there was plenty of parking, she was being lazy. Call support.

As to the fee doubling, IDK what happened. Again, you can call support and ask.


Delivery person doesn't have to come up stairs and it's not policy. Actually, if you call uber to complain they will say nothing we can do. On rare occasions I get sent deep into the projects and let the customer know he has to come down and get it.

I'm not getting robbed in the elevator going up there.


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LA is door delivery now, but it still says stay in car on the app. Most people come out, but I have been trying to exercise more so I just jog to their doors, not many high rise apartments in my area. When I order postmates or eats, I always expect the driver to walk to me. I always tip when they do. Lots of lazy ass people doing delivery, imo. No patience. In my experience, good customer service really does amount to more tips. I've found my formula, and it's working for me, lately. Then again, I drive a used prius now. I wouldn't recommend this gig with a gas guzzler.


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It’s becuase UE drivers are so used to most of the customers not tipping. I still always deliver to the door so that there is at least a chance of a tip. Only time I ask them to come out is if I can’t find parking or if I can’t get in to the building

A few days ago a customer sent me a text when I got to her building asking if she should come down and get the food. Someone happened to be walking out of the building so I just snuck in and went up. As soon as I got to my car I saw that she tipped me $6. Def didn’t expect that.


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this is a world with so many different type of people.. you can go with a $4.25 delivery from mcdonalds and be received by a lady at the lobby that give you $3 in cash .. and can go with a $5.79 fancy restaurant 4 bags of food to a building with no apt number in the app, a costumer that get mad at you because you text her instead of calling her.. and when you arrive to the 17th floor after all the security she act like she dont know what are you doing there and NO TIP!

maybe thats why she isnt allowed to go upstairs