Forgotten Already

I know not what I do

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every uber rider yesterday talking about uber licence.
Today every one of them talking about their own crap.
They all forgot in 1 day.
That's how important uber drivers are for the Cheapos.
Lets surge the crap out of them tonight guys.


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Enjoy the last week of surge

Really....and than come to your shitty office and work for peanuts like you....go and do ur local from supermarket to Mrs smith's house and empty her trolley for nothing and also don't forget to buy 20s B&H for ur old fatty racist cowboy controller to get a airport run...typical minicabee


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Yeh yeh... and start doing gossips of ur fellow drivers if he disappears for couple of hours and thinks that he might have a good job....
That's a mistrust you have to build a trust between you and the control room
Btw skyex have an app you can Gove them a try their minimum is £6


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Skyex.....haha run by the old Indian crook...what a example....he will put the price back to £4.5 after uber and typical afghani drivers will still work for him...take my words....