For Uber Drivers, the Key to Making More Money Could Be a Used Toyota Prius


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I’m in Phoenix and the back of my suburban says “NOTAPRIUS” I get so many 1 or 2 passengers who book xl just so they don’t have to ride in a Prius. Phoenix is a unique market with so many tourists and during our 9 month season xl is in high demand. It’s funny how so many Prius owners say their passengers think they are so big inside when my passengers say they don’t want to ride in a little car.
I drive a fullsize pickup......get the same response very often. Most are very excited about it, sparks a lot of conversations, and drives some of my tips as best I can tell.

Actually had a couple this weekend that said they had cancelled thier first ride because they guy was driving a Prius and they "Just couldn't deal with that tiny damn car again tonight". They were in town for a wedding, and were folling the wedding party around bar hopping with them, but the limo was full or something like that. They were very grateful to have the space of the pickup on their 18mi ride home after a long day in formal wear.


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I had 2 people yesterday who booked xl because earlier they were picked up in a 4 door Mini Cooper. They wondered how that qualified. I told them 4 doors and 4 seatbelts plus driver. I laugh when I see 4 people trying to get into a Prius that’s even without luggage.