For those of you that prefer Lyft... why?


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I am here to learn, I am not trying to criticize. I ask out of sincere curiosity, I can't personally find a single reason to prefer Lyft over Uber.

The pings are further away, the pay seems to be lower, (I have just been scrolling through and comparing rides on both apps that were similar mileage and time, on all of them Uber paid me more), they don't always automatically pay your tolls.

I run both apps sometimes, but 80 - 90 % of my rideshare driving is done for Uber. Usually I get an Uber ping before a Lyft one, and the Uber ping is closer.

I understand that when Lyft was starting up they had some amazing bonuses but I don't see that now, for those of you who prefer Lyft or are only Lyft drivers, what do you like about Lyft? What am I missing? I get a few more tips on Lyft, but not enough to make up the difference I make with Uber.

I am in the Boston area and I understand Lyft might have a better presence in other area's and the pings might be closer.

Also I'm not in love with Uber, both companies have a lot of flaws, I'm just trying to learn and maximize my earnings.

Sacto Burbs

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You run both apps and take the best ride that comes along.

Uber insurance $1,000 deductible- Lyft $2,500

Get the ride-hail endorsement on your personal car insurance.
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Lyft is terrible compared to Uber and here's why:
-- Fewer pings: Slower than Uber, although I make slightly more on min rides with Lyft and most pickups are within reason in my market.
-- Clunky app: Everything from user experience to speed (the little guy that shows pax's location is cool, though).
-- Keeping drivers in the dark: I hate that I can't see the pax's rating after accepting the ride or see the PT. Also, lack of detail in the earnings tab.
-- Threatening messages: Lyft's passive aggressive messages about acceptance rating are annoying and belittling.
-- Stacked pings: The way Lyft adds another pax automatically. This is not how this gig should work.
-- No incentives: Lyft has not given me any real incentive to drive. Meanwhile, I'm ranking in the dough with Uber's consecutive trip boost.
-- Insurance deductible: Lyft's outrageous $2500 deductible is criminal.

There are more reason I hate Lyft, but these are just the ones that come to mind right now.


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Obviously, everyone's experience is different, but I have found most of my Lyft passengers to be, in the words of an old country song, "A better class of losers."

Also, Uber has just done too many things regarding information security, etc., for me to trust them.


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Obviously, everyone's experience is different, but I have found most of my Lyft passengers to be, in the words of an old country song, "A better class of losers."

Also, Uber has just done too many things regarding information security, etc., for me to trust them.
Maybe I've just been unlucky, but my two worst PAX's were on Lyft.

The security issues I get.


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There are a lot of negatives with Lyft, I still only drive for them although I have been approved for Uber but just never gave first ride. I would have to update my paperwork to get started with them. But one main reason is Lyft just takes out 20%

I'd like to elaborate my thinking here.

Several times I wanted to start doing both but each time I was at that point there was something negative in the news about Uber, it turned me off.

-Lyft gives me all of the cancelation fees.
-Lyft tips regularly. I don't know from experience how many tips I would get with Uber because I don't uber, but this board complains a lot.
-There is a 100 mile max on Lyft. With Uber you can go to San Diego or other drives that might take you hours. Can you just cancel those and not be penalized?
-Line same pay

Cons of Lyft
-Never know when Prime Time is
-Stacking rides, so you always have to remember to log off after last ride
-Can't see added on rides or line stacking pax rating
-App is whack. Arrival times estimations not same as GPS estimation. Lot of time freezes.
-Insurance Deductible.
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You run both apps and take the best ride that comes along.
Word. The question lyft or uber leaves out option (c). Using both is better than either.

What lyft does have going for it are scheduled ride pickups and a ton of destination filters, both features terribly flawed yet useful at times.

And, of course, lyft pax tip far more frequently and in SF are generally more friendly people.


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Here in Milwaukee Uber has 0 promotions. Lyft has multiple - I usually go for 30 prime time rides, 85 rides total in a week for $190 bonus.

I also run both apps at the same time and I usually get the same number of requests. During prime time hours (7-9 am, after 6 pm on Fridays and Saturdays) I'll run Lyft only.

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I am no longer a Lyft fan. But since you asked, here are some reasons to prefer L over U:

- pickup location functionality is FAR superior.

- cancel fee pays 100% of the $5, and cancel pays $10 on scheduled rides.

- Line pays full rate, Pool pays less.

- Tips are given roughly twice as often (used to be more like 4-5x as often, but my Uber tips are increasing)

- west coast, very liberal, quite a large population of "I hate Uber" people. Lots more Lyft business here than on the east coast.

- Lyft does not suppress surges as much lately as Uber does, here anyway. Made significantly more on Lyft on NYE. The year before was complete opposite.

- on rare occasion you need to call support, Lyft answers in Nashville, not Pakistan.

And there are plenty of reasons to prefer U over L, obviously. But that is not this thread.


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I accept rides on all - Lyft, Uber, Fasten & Ride Austin.
  • Lyft only takes 20% vs. Uber 28% (albeit Fasten only takes 99¢/ride)
  • Lyft allows me to change my pax rating for 24 hours, so I can downgrade PITA pax who don't tip
  • I have some pax who simply love Lyft and if I want to take them then I gotta use Lyft
Currently, my ride distribution is: 60% Uber, 20% Lyft, 15% Fasten, 5% Ride Austin.


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I appreciate the feedback. I didn't know that line paid the same as a regular lyft, I will keep that in mind.

I do have a question, some of my PAX have said that Lyft is more expensive than Uber. If that is correct (and maybe they are mistaken), and Lyft takes a smaller percentage... how in the world do I make less money on a Lyft ride that is roughly the same distance and time as an Uber ride?


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I think Lyft may charge more at specific times. As they use power zones that bump up base like 25-60% daily during rush hours preventing a surge. It may not seem a lot to a driver who wants to get surges at 100% and up but it’s more for a rider who might ride daily.

Not everyone is charged a 20% commission by Lyft. That is what it was 3 years ago and if you signed then you are grandfathered in. Now it’s 25%. I recall when I started rideshare if I joined Uber at the time it was 25%, that along with the pro tipping aspect had me start with Lyft.

I didn’t have a need for a second company as I work partime, the first 2 years. 2017 was a lot harder to reach my goals for 100 a day, for about 4 or 5 hours. I’ve had days where I just shut it down after 2 hours only making about $20. It wasn’t a big money maker unless a holiday or event.


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College kids in my market always talk about how much cheaper Lyft is yet this is said while on a Uber ride. :confused:

Lyft pax are needy.
Lyft has GoGoGrandparent.

But during the off-season I have to run both if I want to make money.

Lyft is not my favorite boyfriend.