For the drivers of RICHMOND, VIRGINIA!!!

Do you believe uber should provide an option to tip ON THEIR APP?

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I need to address this tipping issue, as I've been learning a LOT over the past several months...several very important issues I've learned from RIDERS!!

First of all, I've put a little sign up on the back of my passenger seat stating exactly this; "ALTHOUGH TIPPING IS NOT EXPECTED, IT IS ENORMOUSLY APPRECIATED!!"

When I first signed up to be a driver with Uber, I was shown a video, as most of you were, that actually showed an option for riders to add a tip, VIA THE APP, in the form of a drop down box. The options were 10%, 20% or "other". I soon found out that this option does NOT even exist!! I assumed it was a plot to convince us to go out and buy things like chargers, gum, candy, mints and bottled water. Having 9 years experience as a server in restaurants, I do know that the word "TIP" STANDS FOR "TO INSURE PROPER SERVICE" I went out and bought 2 different chargers, a huge supply of gum, mints and candy, and I keep cold bottled water in my car, as well as vomit bags I bought from the pharmacy, which have come in very handy several times!!

I assumed that the tipping option was just a scheme to make THEIR drivers look better than Lyft's, since the wording they use on their websites and app, makes it sound like tipping isn't allowed, or the tips are "INCLUDED" in the fares...which let's face it, that doesn't even make any sense!! Riders are also made to think that the tolls are "paid for by UBER!!" Which is simply AMUSING!!

Well, last weekend I learned that riders in Northern Virginia, and Virginia Beach ARE GIVEN THE OPTION OF ADDING A TIP, AFTER THE RIDE, VIA THEIR APP!!! So, the dropdown box that we were shown DOES EXIST!! IT JUST DOESN'T EXIST FOR DRIVERS IN THIS PARTICULAR CITY!!! Maybe some of you can live with that...but I just CANNOT!! I'm beginning to think that ANY CITY that has the tipping option had to FIGHT FOR IT!! Personally, I get 17 miles to the gallon, and unless I'm driving during surges, I'm spending more than I'm making...especially during the warmer days/nights when I have to use the a/c. I haven't had to pay taxes yet...but I'm terrified to find out what they're going to be!! (BY THE WAY...EVERY DRIVER MUST KEEP TRACK OF THEIR ACTUAL MILEAGE!!! Meaning, the mileage on your car, at the start and end of every trip, and the pick up address as a reference! Otherwise, good luck if you're EVER audited!!)

Anyway, I'm absolutely FURIOUS that RICHMOND IS THE ONLY CITY IN VIRGINIA THAT DOESN'T HAVE THE TIPPING OPTION/FEATURE for our riders!! Yes, I have the sign in my car, however...NO ONE carries cash anymore! I've had many riders tell me they'd love to tip, but they don't carry cash...and MOST of them know there's no way to tip on the app!

I was shown a video that HAD THE TIPPING OPTION INCLUDED ON THE APP FOR RIDERS!!! It was the ONLY reason I went out and bought all of these little "goodies"!! Richmond is being discriminated against for whatever reason. And unless we all get together and fight to have the tipping feature added for OUR RIDERS, just as the riders everywhere ELSE in the state have, it'll never happen!!

I'm SURE I'll get people responding to this post (and probably people that work for the uber corporate office) to shut up and stop wining...get a new car, get a REAL JOB, etc. I'm ONLY working this job because I'm physically UNABLE TO WORK A JOB WITH A SET SCHEDULE!! I have severe rotary scoliosis, have had 15 knee surgeries, and the list goes on. But my back keeps me from working full time, and disability simply does NOT pay the bills, or feed my son!!! I am trying to get a small business designing kitchens and bathrooms going...and I'm pretty darn good at it!! But it takes time. THIS tipping issue is a big one. We were MISLEAD into believing we have the ability to EARN TIPS!!! When that's simply NOT TRUE!! I have an enormous problem with that, and the fact that eventually, I'll end up paying to drive for uber, once tax time rolls around!!

I cannot do this alone!! I have contacted them about this, and of course, I get a COMPUTER GENERATED FORM LETTER from them...usually avoiding the question all together!! WE HAVE to come together and fight for this!! I'm not sure how yet...but MANY MINDS IS ENORMOUSLY STRONGER THAN ONE!! So, if anyone has any ideas...

Once I get responses to this post, I'll contact you personally and distribute my phone number. I'm just HOPING this will work!!

Thank you for your time.


I am also living in Richmond. I feel your pain, feel free to contact me

I just recently got a square reader for my iPhone. It works and if u go to their website you can get one for free. This option has worked for me but I agree with you!


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Well honestly I shouldn't have to PAY to receive a tip!! Richmond drivers NEED TO STAND UP AND REFUSE TO LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!! THE MORE DRIVERS WHO COMPLAIN...AND LET UBER KNOW THAT WE KNOW THAT THEY DO PROVIDE TIPPING THROUGH THEIR APP REGARDLESS OF THE BULLSHIT THEY SPEW OUT OF THEIR LYING MOUTHS!!!! IF AND ONLY IF ENOUGH DRIVERS BUG THEM THEN THEY'LL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO ADD RICHMOND TO THE LUCKY CITIES WHO GET THAT BENEFIT!! I only WISH that uber drivers would all get together and go on STRIKE one weekend.... just one weekend...and DEMAND we get the tipping feature...and a DAMN phone number to be able to call when we have an issue!!! I was actually told by a CAR they were "working" on getting a number set up... but I told them I wouldn't hold my breath!!! Plus...i JUST FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY that in VIRGINIA...AN UBER DRIVER MUST HAVE A COMMERCIAL INSURANCE POLICY!!!! But when I first signed up with uber...i specifically asked the woman who kept texting me to get me on the road if I even had to tell my insurance company i was driving for them, and she ANSWERED WITH ONE WORD...."NO"!! WHICH I FOUND OUT IS A LIE!!!! SHE JUST SAID THAT SO SHE COULD MAKE HER COMMISSION THAT DAY!!! I HAD AN ACCIDENT WHILEI WASN'T EVEN ONLINE....AND SINCE MY INSURANCE COMPANY FOUND OUT I'M A DRIVER, THEY'RE NOW CANCELING ME!!!!! All THANKS TO UBER!!!!! Oh..and UBER made my life a LIVING HELL!!! THEY ACTUALLY TOLD ME THAT THERE WAS NO WAY THEY COULD TELL IF I WAS ONLINE OR NOT AT THE TIME OF THE ACCIDENT..WHICH IS WHAT MY INSURANCE WAS REQUIRING. I HAD TO SEND ABOUT 19 EMAILS JUST TO FIND ONE PERSON WHO WOULD GIVE ME THAT INFO!!!! It was HELL!!! They refuse to pay me for a promo that I DID qualify for..their csr's spitting out these BULLSHIT form letters using different excuses as to why i supposedly didn't niw I'm about to send a certified letter to the office in San Francisco about it...because the ONLY reason they're refusing to pay me is because now that we've all signed away our rights to sue...and have to pay for half the arbitration costs...they think that I won't spend the money to pursue it....well they're DEAD WRONG!!! Uber SUCKS!!!!


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Since I've used the Uber app as a rider when out of town, in numerous cities and beyond the Lower 48, I can tell you that I've NEVER seen an in-app option for tips with Uber. Lyft is a different story and I almost always tip. Sometimes generously.


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eventually, I'll end up paying to drive for uber, once tax time rolls around!!
If that is the case you're already paying to drive for Uber. Taxes are not eventual, they are certain. I suggest calculating your taxes real time as if you had to pay for them on a daily basis because you will have to pay for them and if you don't figure taxes as a present cost then you're only setting yourself up.

I do agree that without tips it's not feasible, however I am also starting to think even with a tipping function built-in the damage is permanent and widespread.

Don't forget to get an accurate cost analysis for your vehicle, it's going to take a lot more to keep it rolling than just gasoline, insurance, tires and oil changes.



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So I work in Virginia in Newport News and across the water to, but I actually went to Richmond today and did some work just to check out that area, and while I didn't worry about the tips I can understand your frustration. But I did notice that if you are able to work mostly downtown you can make some good money. I was only there for a few hours and I did pretty good

I had one 17 minute run and what I made one that one run I made more on the 4 runs I had downtown. After driving taxi for 12 years I know that I can do more 3 dollar runs in the time it takes to do a 20 minute one