For how many dollars would you change my brake pads for?? 2 of them

Johnny Walker

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Most parts stores like O'reiley/Auto Zone have lifetime brake pads.
They are the ceramic and are a little bit more but worth it for driving rideshare.

You're right but they will still rip you off on labor. Labor cost is labor cost in this land unless you go to one of those awesome lil shops that are ran by great Mexican mechanics. They're honest and they don't go by what the book says here.
You must be able to do your basic maintenance on your car as a rideshare driver or you will lose money. That includes oil change, fuel pump/filter, brakes, air filter, electric stuff, window regulators, AC recharge and detailing. The list goes on.
I don't care how much I made 2 nights ago but I saved $80 with doing oil change in my garage and I live in an apartment.
After midnight, while everyone is waiting for their alarm clock..that's the time you pick up the wrench with an ice cold beer


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I'll do it for 2 mcdoubles and medium Vanilla shake.

But you have to fly out there.



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Just watch a youtube video on how to do it. Why spend money you don't need to? I used this method to replace the fuel pump in my truck and saved $500.