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For drivers, is Uber better than Lyft in SF?

Discussion in 'San Francisco' started by champ.49er, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. I'm currently only a Lyft driver, but have been extremely disappointed with the lack of ride requests and low fares I'm getting. It seems like there's more Uber drivers on the road based on the number of placards I see, so I would assume there's more Uber passengers as well.

    For drivers that are on both platforms, do you feel that Uber is better that Lyft in SF?

    Note, I already have by friend's invite code, but wanted to get more opinions out there.
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  2. Tncluber


    More passengers, but for you uber will take 25% or maybe 30%. You will have to work harder and no tip option.
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  3. MW415


    san francisco
    I get more Uber pings then Lyft when I have both apps open. So uber seems busier.
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  4. Uber is by far busier than Lyft (especially in SF), but when Lyft is surging the payout is much more than Uber's surging. Unfortunately, Uber takes additional fees out of your earnings like an additional $1 from each ride, and an additional $3.35 from SFO requests...it adds up. If Lyft was able to match the number of requests I get with Uber, I wouldn't even bother driving for Uber.
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  5. i am new to SF , wheres a good place for a LYFT driver to wait for a ping?
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