Foot, meet Mouth

After pulling a Kenmore > Silver Lake trip, I immediately caught a trip to Marysville. After dropping off the pax, and thinking my next ride may very well take me to Mt. Vernon with my luck, a ping brought me a man and a BBW as the twilight end faded to the west.

They complimented me on the scent in the car. I couldn’t figure out what they meant, and they said it smelled like cologne. I realized it was my cologne.

Me: “My daughters gave it to me for my birthday - I think it’s Chanel Blue.”
BBW: “Smells nice”
Me: “I was worried you thought I just dropped off some hookers or something (nervous laughter)”
<awkward silence>
BBW: “Hookers have to work too.”
Me: (putting foot deeper in mouth): “Totally! It’s just that hookers tend to overdue the perfume”
BBW: “I’m a porn star, so I respect their work they have to do”
<longer awkward silence. Me desperately trying to redirect conversation>
Me: “I’ve been know to watch porn now and then...(scrambling for new line of conversation) porn harder theses days? <internal cringe at turn of phrase> So much of it is is free online”
BBW: “it’s actually easier now. I do web cam sessions, 1:1 with guys.15 years ago I had to work the strip clubs to find sugar daddies...way easier now.”
<my earlier gaff forgotten...the $4 ride ends>
BBW: <reaching to me between the seats from the back> “here’s my card honey. Business is business” <hand brushes my shoulder>

I don’t want to publish her details, but she calls herself a fetish specialist. Oh my.

The people you meet driving.


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