Food Trucks are allowed on Ubereats?


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I got a delivery and went to the location of the restaurant but there was a small parking lot and few office space suites and some other restaurant. I went around in circles looking for the place and called the restaurant but no answer. I went into a small Mexican place nearby and showed them my phone with the address and the food order and the cashier told me that it was a food truck and that it had already left. So I cancelled the order and called the Uber support immediately and was told that they would look into it and email me. It's been about 4 days and no response from uber support. Sigh.... wasted my gas and time for nothing
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In Austin, I pick up from many food trucks. Most of the notes say they are a food truck. Those that don't, I tell the person they should add that to the notes to make them easier to find.


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I had one of those when I first started. Was in a super sketchy building with no lighting. Being stupid, cocky and confident I strolled in there half expecting to get jumped. Water dripping from the ceiling, whole scary movie crap, almost ran away. Decided to see what was around the corner down the hall and there's a food truck. It was an old car shop and they were parked in a bay.