Food delivery is taking center stage in Uber’s app [FORTUNE]

Casuale Haberdasher

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Casuale Haberdasher

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POST # 2/Michael - Cleveland: Bison
hooves the tile TWICE
for Your Second Hyperlinked Offering!
As UPNF Statistician, I believe that #1
chi1cabby has, with frenzied intensity,
Posted as many as EIGHT SEQUENTIAL
Hyperlinked News Threads, in which he
morphs into @chi1dervish, no doubt an
Altered State of UPNF Conscientiousness!

No surprise that #[F]UberSpokesDroid lav-
ishes SOOTHING bullsh1tty phraseology
on the Writer/Brainwashee: "...the layout
separates RIDES from EATS and creates a seamless, intuitive experience across
services." I'd like to Treat SpokesDroid
to My Seamless Intuitive BOOT planted
deep into its Rectum!

Bison delivers the "BOOYAH!"


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It's identical to package delivery.
Unless dispatch doubles and triples you up cross town in the same direction, it's a major money loser.
GO to the restaurant. FIND parking. GO To the customers house/office. OFFLOAD food/package.
Even if the wait time meter is still running, it's a timesink.
UberIcecream? Just Nancy Reagan it.


They'll never miss a few french fries, or maybe some pepperoni, sausage or ground beef off the top of that pizza.
Or a sip or two outta each Slushie?
And waddaya know... they gave these losers too many Buffalo/Bison wings, so I'll just even it all up.
You can even add your own "sauce" to go with those buffalo wings.:eek: