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Food Deliveries on UberX

Andre Asbury

New Member
Have any of y'all gotten an UberX request for a food delivery. I had someone from an apartment order food from a slightly sketchy Ethiopian restaurant, had me wait at least ten minutes at the pickup location. After 2-3 minutes I called and she had to call the restaurant and said the food isn't ready but someone will be out soon with it but no rider. I probably should have canceled at that point (or at the 5 minute mark) but I didn't. Anyway the trip was about 8 miles on the highway in heavy traffic at 4:30pm so it took 30 minutes. Then the lady kept me waiting another 4 minutes at her apartment. I almost just took the food and left because it smelled good. I probably should have - it would have been worth the rating hit. The lady had the nerve to rate me 3 after getting her food and complain about poor navigation, as if I had control over the traffic on one of Atlanta's busiest stretched of highway at the beginning of rush hour.


Yeah, you should have parked the car in front of her place, opened the bag and started eating food while she came up to your car. Haha.
Does Atlanta have food delivery services like UberEats, GrubHub or DoorDash?


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I've read another thread with a similar experience. I've read someone delivering keys, shoes, and paperwork. Talk about thinking outside of the box.

Atlanta has all of those including Postmates.
Does Atlanta have food delivery services like UberEats, GrubHub or DoorDash?


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UberEATS is food delivery
UberRUSH is delivery for other items

I think that, if you wait longer than 10 minutes for food at a restaurant , you do get a fee from Uber. You'll need to request it after you have completed the delivery...