FML I pushed back on a low cleaning fee and had my shittiest Friday night, coincidence???


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Earlier this week I had a puker. The idiot kept rolling the window up and down so it got between the glass and door along with the interior door panel. I sent the pictures and they came back with a $40 fee even though the policy is:

$40 - Moderate exterior mess (ex. food/beverage mess on vehicle exterior)
$80 - Moderate interior mess (ex. larger food/beverage spill on fabric or other hard-to-clean surfaces, minor bodily fluid messes)
$150 - Any incident that requires cleaning between the window/door or air vents, major bodily fluid mess.

I went back and forth with them for 2 days to no avail.

Fast forward to tonight. The shittiest night I've ever had. $33 in 4.5 hours on a Friday night. Carried a sticky$2.50 for about an hour before saying @@@@ it.

Have any of you been shafted for making waves??


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Not sure your market, but most everyone is reporting abnormal slowness due to the Corona virus panic. Here in Seattle our normal terrible traffic was almost nonexistent for the last two days.

When dealing with Puke claims you should always dirty up the scene a little foe better photography. Some dry oatmeal can be quickly wet and add detail to a mess.


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It was very slow last night. There weren’t as many people out as about as usual. I asked some of my younger pax if they knew why, and some said the coronavirus and others said because our Shamrock Shuffle, big drinking day (today).


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Does your car have window locks? I've had to do that a few times to prevent drunks from opening the window on the freeway in 30 degree weather and creating that helicopter sound.

As to the cleaning fee, better pictures and create a receipt for a higher amount you can submit if they're being difficult. It's not like you're being shady here. That's some repugnant stuff that pax did.
Very slow night out here in Downtown Sac. Called it at 10 on when I didn’t get a ping for over and hour. Glad I made my $200 during the day. Damn a $40 cleaning fee is so disrespectful. I got a $40 cleaning fee just for having a dog in the car and taking pics of the dog leaving a bunch of hair. I would keep on Uber about getting the $150. Don’t stop


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I mostly don't do cleaning fees anymore. They're always associated with 1 star ratings and complaints. I figure I can stave off deactivation by eating the loss. If I requested cleaning fees, I'd have to request one every other day.

I reserve the right to file vindictive cleaning fees against messy paxholes with bad attitudes though... especially if I feel they're gonna down rate me anyway.
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Been slow in Salt Lake too.... only made 1/2 of what I usually make on a Saturday morning this time of year. Not as many cars on the road either


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It's just the luck of the draw. On really good days one ride ends at the feet of the next rider. On crappy day is nothing works out.