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Flip over Lyft light to protest


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I’m turned my pink Lyft light upside down (tape helps) to protest new rates. Join me. Obviously I’m also not excepting any Lyft rides.


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Once you decline a few, it goes to rentals and other driver who won’t decline... you are behind those drivers ... then ping will return when demand goes crazy ... too many pings then .
if All drivers switch to uber, then uber has too many drivers, especially when demand is normal.
Best way is to keep driving till you are tired, when you are having a good day .


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Honestly I don't see why drivers would still driving Lyft, a trip from domain to AP for $15 or so? It takes at least half an hour and plus the gas and your car. The other day a Lyft driver was bragging how busy he was and how much he made. After all it was $200 for 13 hrs straight before expenses. Won't be a job in Walmart or heb far better than this? Oh right, they pay every 2 weeks! Now that everyone keep driving like nothing happened, I figure Uber may follow soon enough so better make some money for the coming bills before that hits.


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Ive tried to show last saturday i made $244 in 7 hrs. If everyone switched to Uber demand would stay the same because pax wpuld have to use Uber/RA to get a ride. Its completely naive to think that if pax cant get a lyft then they are just gonna walk.

Im off this weekend and I WILL make $750 in 3 days with Uber/RA. Today I started after rush hr and Im at 200, 173 uber, 30 RA.



I don't even turn Lyft on. I only used it during the summer because Uber rides were way down -- double app = double chance of getting pings. Now that UT is back in session, it's strictly Uber, and will continue to be until next summer, if I'm even still doing this then.


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I cleared $260 in 8.5 hours, tomorrow Im gonna be out from 8am until about an hr before game time. Lots of airport rides and a rematch every time, 2 rematches had surge. I just dont get wtf is going on in someone's head doing a $9 lyft airport ride that would pay $13-15 on uber along with being three times as likely to get a rematch. But thats alright, its just more money for me on Uber/RA.