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FLEX on Vice News


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It's using an example for a beginner that doesn't represent the Flex program as a whole. Calling it a disaster is fake news.

Many people have already pointed out the problems of the driver on reddit.


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a real expose of flex would be even worse

this is too nice if anything

FREP has the undisputed upper hand now, cant wait for things to swing back the other way

its nothing about cheaters its about which cheater team is winning atm


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How an event is reported determines whether the report is false (fake). If the news shows a blue car driving through a parking lot and reports that it is a criminal scouting for potential victims when in actuality it is someone just going to work - then it is "fake news" because it is false despite showing an actual event.

Shows like House Hunters are considered "fake" because the house is chosen before whe even appearing on the show. A lot of "news' shows typically slant or edit the content to fit whatever narrative they're trying to represent.
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