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First Time Flex

Discussion in 'Flex' started by stevenh1975, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. stevenh1975


    So I tried my first flex delivery from warehouse today and the result is disappointing.
    I drove about 100 miles for a 3hr block.

    1. I drove 25 miles to the warehouse.
    2. I drove 25 miles to the delivery area where most my packages are.
    3. I drove around 15 miles delivering packages in the main area.
    4. I drove around 45 miles RT to a remote location to deliver one package.

    For a total of 110 miles driven, I made $54 for 3 hr block. I finished it in 3hrs plus time to get to warehouse and home its almost 4 hours. I am not sure if it's worth it as I make more than $54 from uber/lyft for 4 hours.

    Can someone point out if there is something I am doing wrong?
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  2. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    You signed up for Flex. :cool:
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  3. Ted L.

    Ted L.

    Always check the itinerary map before leaving the warehouse. And if you have to drive 25 miles to your warehouse, don't accept a $54 block.
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  4. oicu812


    #4. Look at your itinerary before you leave the warehouse. Give back those bogeys.
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  5. Plus with U/L you have more to write off ( Commissions and Service Flees. ) on Schedule C than Flex.

    Ya the extra mileage sucks, but those add to the write offs.

    And yes to #4 , just tell them , "This is a miss sort." and hand it back.

    Oh yes, and refresh the itinerary after a few stops to make sure it goes away.
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  6. if you have to drive 25 miles to the warehouse then don't do this for base rates - it will never be worth it. Also, as others have said - check your map before you leave the warehouse and give back packages that are really far away from your main delivery area, they are most likely mis-sorts.
  7. Tank_Driver


    3 hr blocks will never be worth it given the distance you have to drive just to the warehouse. Go for 4+ hour blocks @ $72 and increased pay blocks when demand is higher (will have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice).

    As others have pointed out, give back the missort. You’ll get comfortable with time learning how to read the labels and load the packages correctly and in a timely manner while avoiding any packages you shouldn’t be delivering.

    Few other small things, but start there. Good luck!
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