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First NYE


New Member
Hey guys! I drove for the month of November and haven't driven since. So I wasn't given the bonus from 8pm to midnight tonight *womp womp*. But I'm considering driving anyway! Is NYE really all that lucrative? Is it more of a b***h and not worth it? I most likely will be driving 6-11. And possibly picking back up again around 1:30, but unlikely. Worried about pukers. I'm kind of a nube and appreciate any honest tips/advice you guys have to offer! Thanks in advance.


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I did it last year @ around 130am after our family get together. It was a clusterpuk in SF, it was lucrative then with a lot less drivers compare to now but I dont it was worth it.....too much hasle with drunk people. Im taking a pass this year


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2 years ago I made $1000 in 10 hrs last year I made $500 this year I'm not driving but I'm guessing most drivers will make $250 happy New Years