First morning...


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So after weeks of agonizing whether or not to drive for Uber, I finally "switched on" this morning. Soon I got my first ping, about 5 miles away...halfway there the pax cancelled so I got a small fee for my trouble. A while later I got my second ping, just about 4 miles total, and the pax gave me a $3 tip. So I made about $12 in just over an hour...not a ton of money, but more than I would have made sitting at home.


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Not a terrible start.
Just wait till you start putting in 12-16 hour days. That's when the real money starts rolling in.
Unless you're a Jedi Master like


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You probably only made $14.55 and got $80 in tips
You caught me:oopsies:
Ever get trips across the bridge to Coronado? How about driving an officer onto base at North Island or Miramar?
Yes I have done those. One last night, chief petty officer going south. He had his Officer Navy dress blues

I think if she was my driver I would give her $10-20 tip easily. Especially since any time I am in SD I am on vacation.
Who am I to complain? So when is that next vacation?:oopsies: