First destination payout

I received my first destinations pay out, drum rolllllll --.... a whopping $3.43. I wasn't expecting it as I drive in Reading, PA. Reading did not have the reduced fare on destination filter so that's why I was not expecting the payout. However, the reason I got it is, by chance, other trips took me east near Pottstown, which is in the Philly market. I had 3 trips (yes, just 3) near Pottstown. I remember waiting at Philly Premium outlets, getting no pings for 45 minutes and I put on DF and got the 40% reduction message. First time I ever saw it as I'm usually in Reading. 40%!!! dang. Anyhow, I drove back toward Reading with DF OFF and still got no pings.
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Yes, I'm glad the DF reduction is gone. DF is very useful even for the rare occasions I get into Philly burbs and want to go back home.

It's really odd that I even got 3 bucks considering how little time I was there.