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First Annual Uber Driver Rally

Discussion in 'Notifications' started by IthurstwhenIP, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. May 17 and 18

    E St Louis Missouri

    Will feature

    Prius parade
    Kraft Mac and Cheese cook off
    Prizes for best trade dress, best amenities and best entertainment set up
    Long haul contest day 2
    Hide and Shuffle day 1

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  2. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Is it okay to invite my Lyft only driver friends? This event might convince them to drive for the Uber team.
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  3. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    Top Ramen instead of Kraft Mac & Cheese.
  4. Chud5


    East St. Louis is in Illinois, and one of the most violent places in the US. Great spot for a gathering!
  5. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator

    Great Lakes
  6. Looking for instructional volunteers for uptional education seminars

    Track A: Uber Accounting
    Track B: Cleaning fees and no show cancel
    Track C: Conversation skills

    Recommendations .
  7. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator

    Great Lakes
    You're killing me.
  8. JimKE


    OMG, no!
    Mac & Cheese is an Uber Driver basic food group!
    Not perfect for every group -- but certainly perfect for an Uber Driver Rally.

    Hey, can we get Tina Turner to perform? She's an East St. Louis native...
    I'll do the CAQ (Common Annoying Questions) block in Track C.
    • "How long u been drivin'?"
    • "Do you like it?"
    • "What is your real job?"
    • "Which do you prefer -- Uber or Lyft?"
    • "Why are you going this way?"
    • "What does 'gtfo' mean?"
    In Track A, is that about Raiser LLC's internal accounting, or accounting records an Uber driver should keep?

    If it's Uber's internal accounting, I used to teach fraud investigations...so I can possibly help there.
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  9. JimKE


    Track D -- The American Dream without the messiness of a green card
    • Craigslist tips for locating a "mentor" whose relative works at the Greenlight Hub
    • The importance of the airport queue
    • TNC lot survival
      • Chess, checkers and other queue time-killers
      • Creative trashing of the TNC lot
      • Parking without borders (parking space lines are just guidelines)
      • Shouting to friends 1.1 meters away
      • Rude comments to mamitas
    • Technical driving skills clinic -- Practicum to be held in shopping mall parking lot prior to opening
      • The irrelevance of one-way streets and lanes
      • Advanced tailgating
      • Normal turns
      • Turning right on red
        • From right lane - with and without stop
        • Through lanes, with and without stop
        • Left turn lanes, with and without stop
      • Interesting left turns
        • right lane, with and without stop
        • other lanes
        • into one-way streets going the wrong way
      • Advanced U-turns
        • In mid-block
        • In mid-block, over median
        • With green light and no traffic
        • With green light, against oncoming traffic
        • On one-way streets
      • Contra-traffic maneuvers
        • two-way streets
        • one-way streets
        • entrance ramps
        • exit ramps
      • Defensive horn-blowing
      • Offensive horn-blowing
      • Introductory sidewalk driving
      • Flipping off
      • Linguistic skills
        • "No peekie Englee."
        • "Peekee (insert language)?"
  10. MHR

    MHR Moderator

    I’ll attend but only if you do a breakout session on the ”Shirlington Shuffle”.
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  11. Awesome. This needs to be featured now. Really coming together
  12. UberBastid


    I'd like to do a presentation how to get multiple loans on the same car from several different pink slip loan companies.
    Also, how to run from the payday advance lenders.

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