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Hi, I’m kind of new here .. and started about 2 Weeks ago with Uber. I wanted to introduce myself real quick along with some questions and experiences I came across in my first 2 Weeks in Los Angles.

- First off .. the enrollment procedure was pretty smooth and quick especially with the help of the Chat you have access to, when you first sign up. Unfortunately this changed pretty quick when I came across the first problems.. I notices that Uber Support only answer back in 1 out of 5 cases ( it feels like more the cases which might be interesting for them like signing up for a new feature) These emails come back in no sooner then 24h.

- I don’t have a car that qualifies, so I took advantage of the Hertz $0/week after 75 trips offer. In order to reach these trips I went pretty hart in learning the ins and outs of driving and operating the app…. So I really reached $750 in the 5 days I had left until the cutoff time of 4am Monday morning ( which seams to be 1am in Los Angeles) and received promptly the $500 with the first payment and the fee rental for that week was also not deducted, so the first payout was $1250 ;-) so there is nothing to complain …about ( I figured Uber is just there to make money … not like it first looked like to be part of a community I guess that’s why we have UberPeople !.. so my my slogan for Uber is: shut up and drive ..)

- I thought the offer from herz was for 1 week only so I returned the car and tried to take advantage of the same offer with Enterprise … which I reached the 75 trips also but Uber charged me the rental fee anyway which I later found out ( here on Uberpeople ) , that the 75 trips are only counted in LA core which ( LA core) is not even a real definition which you can look up. So I’m assuming the red outlining on the map is meant for which the promotion boosts count .

- I want to go back to Herz, but than again don’t know if the offer is valid when I go back. Does somebody have any experience with returning the rental to herz and then getting the same offer again ( as alot of offer are only for first/new time customers )

- I have been able to take good advantage of the boost times in the last 2 Weeks x2.0 , x 1.8 , x 1.5 Does Uber have other bonues offers besides that any kind of % promotions after 50 trips … 75 trips .. Like Lyft offers ?

Looking forward to hear form everybody..
Have a good productive weekend ... and drive safe !


Dude. What are you asking? If you asking for more promotion check your uber or lyft emails. You get something every week, or it will show up on the app


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MrJay No Dude I heard about different levels like silver and gold for uber drivers . I see all promotions on my app.


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Ok, so these are the results of my own research: ( Hope this will help somebody who has the same questions )

- The Enterprise and Herz program is continuesly and once you take advantage of the first free week you can earn more free weeks with 75 trips
which are not just 75 regular trips, but trips with regulation like :

- all 75 trips have to be in LA core .. this doesn't mean really in LA like Central LA ( the cut the hood out) to this is LA core according to Uber :

- 75% acceptance rate

- 25% completion rate the definition of " Completion Rate" according to Uber is as follows:

The completion rate is calculated by taking your total number of completed trips in a given incentive period divided by the total number of trip requests that you received in the given incentive period. If you receive 100 trip requests to your device, you complete 75 of them and 25 were cancelled by either yourself or a rider, then you would have a completion rate of 75%.

Now.. even tough I have heard about different levels ( medals) Which I have not been able to find out yet , I did find out, that
the different promotions like x1.5 , x1.7, x2.0 and so on do not apply for everybody in the same market, they are individual promotion for driver who drive alto to encourage them to get back do more hours in this times. I heard, that when you drive less, these promotion are less in those following weeks.