Fireworks, rain, Ramadan. Oh my!


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Hmm, could the stars be lining up for some crazy surges?

The forecast is for rain on Sunday and Tuesday, but only cloudy on Monday?
500 people become new citizens on Monday at Seattle Center. Starts @ 11am.
All kinds of trips to Alki, Waterfront, and Gasworks for fireworks in addition to all the BBQ's and parties?
Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival, 7/2-4
Muckleshoot was crazy last year. Will other casinos be, too?
Tuesday, Ramadan ends at sunset. A major exodus from the road of all Muslim taxi/for-hire and TNC folks?
Additionally, with flyers returning on Tuesday will the airport queue be overloaded with pings?

Plus, all of the usual stuff sprinkled ships, tourists, Mariners, Sounders.

IMO, Tuesday looks like a great $$$ day.
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