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Finally got out of my shell BOSTON rocks


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I've been driving nonstop in Boston this past couple weeks. Aside from my other job, I do Uber as much as I can now, especially on the weekends. I've found hot spots that constantly get me pings. Today I worked from 8pm to 12pm making a little over $100! The people are mostly college students or tourists. I love the vibe I get from the people here! I wouldn't have discovered what Boston had to offer if it wasn't for Uber also!


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I'm surprised you stopped so early on a holiday night; it only got better at bar closing vs. a regular Sunday.

Was that gross earnings, or after Uber's 20% plus safe driver fees plus gas?

Unlike some Uber drivers posting, you seem to enjoy the pax. I generally enjoy them also.


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That is after all the deductions.

I rarely get a bad pax. A couple have pissed me off but that is about it. I usually have good conversations and pick up beautiful women.

I got home at 1 am and I have another job 40 hours a week and I've been tired I would have stayed longer if I didn't have work : / I love the late night weekends
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