finally got a new job


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New Job after 2 years of driving for Uber thank you Jesus.
So now I only need to do 1 or 2 uber runs a night after work to pay for my gas to get to work....I really do not like uber or most of the cheap passengers that get in my car ask me to do a drive thru run wast my gas to come 10 minutes for a pickup and then drive them 2 miles with no to uber and no to those cheap passengers.


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Congratulations, take what you have learned driving for Uber, use it well, and never look back. Who knows, in a couple years you may open your mailbox and find a fat check from the class action settlement that is bound to happen. After 2 years of this bullshit you deserve it.
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Actually make real money not the $5,000 Uber promises a month now so yeah I'm excited I just hope I can keep the job