Finally Did "Ride-sharing" instead of "Ride-hailing"


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Late this afternoon I had a meeting in Springfield. I didn't feel like sitting on the clusterfornicate that is 395 South in rush hour so I decided to try the slug lines from the Pentagon. This is how "ride-sharing" should be. I'm going one way, let me see if I can find someone else going my way so I can use the HOV lanes.

It worked great. Zipped by the gridlock and was where I needed to be and didn't have to worry about pukers or 1*.

Uber/Lyft aren't "ride-sharing" it's gypsy/bandit cabs.

Nothing life-changing about this, just a refreshing change from the entitled @@@@tards we normally schlep around.


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You can set up that same type of slug line using the Waze app. You can bypass the 395 gridlock and do HOV, but get paid a little money for it. They aren't the paxholes we are used to driving- they know they're doing the sludge line, but now don't have to wait outside for it.