Figuring out the Surge

Ok, Here is the way Uber is doing it. If there are very few drivers in a quadrant (area), when a ride is requested it will seek out the nearest ride at normal pricing. Once ride is accepted it will surge to 1.5, however no riders are waiting, the surge is fake, they are simply trying to get drivers to chase to that area. If you drive into a 1.5, you won't get the fare until the surge ends at the normal rate. Stay Logged out until the surge hits 2.1, another ride is waiting. If you are in a quadrant with normal pricing, you should log off so the area can surge.

At 2.1 = 1 ride waiting
At 2.8 = 2 rides
At 3.4 = 3 to 5 rides

If we all work together we can make more money, with less wear and tear and gas to your vehicle. Be sure you have the passenger app so you can see other Uber drivers in your area.

Anytime you have a chance to speak with other Uber Drivers, send them to this website, the more we have here the more we can organize.


Good luck!
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Also, if you get a request at normal pricing more the 10 minutes away, don't accept the fare, and log off after not accepting, if you stay logged in it will request you again. By not accepting, it will allow that quadrant to surge.

At normal pricing that far away, you lose because of the time mileage and gas driving to that location, not being paid until you pick up the passenger (s)
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I want to thank the 2 ppl, that worked with me downtown tonight. After the 10 newbies parked downtown all took fares at no surge, we were able to stay logged off til it surged to 2.1.

We would have waited longer, but we saw newbs driving toward dtown from nob hill.. so we settled for 2.1 surge fares.

Let's keep talking to more drivers and getting them to log in to these forums. We'll keep working the software to our advantage. We have to educate the newbs.


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Thanks for the words of wisdom. I'm a Neewb and appreciate any advice on how to maximize profitability for all the drivers willing to work together. Thanks.


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I'm fairly new to this and would like to start implementing this for sure. I'm sick of driving 12 minutes to pick up a normal fare and to receive $0 tip.


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You might be wrong on this.

Surge is based on how many people have the the PAX app opened in a certain quadrant, not actual ordered rides.

So I have read in the past. :smiles: