FIGJAM 5★ Friday - The Journey Continues

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TLDR reply / DGAS response​

It has been quite some time since I posted a 'FIGJAM 5★ Friday' report, not because I have been lacking in FIGJAM, not because Ricarda has relocated to Switzerland, and certainly not because I don't deserve the associated adulation which usually accompanies such reports, but simply because my priorities have now become focussed from the many to the few.

Those in the know, have read previous scintillating reports such as those below,
But I must be honest, the timing behind this report caught me a little off guard and knowing that it will probably cause a meltdown in comparative stats, I thought I had better get the details posted as soon as possible.

Five hours and many beers later, I remembered the screenshot and I now post it for your viewing pleasure. :smiles:

Your Journey in 2019.png

It seems no longer do we need our PA to pore over our stats, no longer do we need to risk our relationships with comments from very lucky riders as Über's AI is there to do it all for us. :smiles:

Happy Days.