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Female Passenger spits & punches Uber Driver


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Using racial epithet, The Troll is referencing the Uber driver who got smacked around by the drunken rider a few weeks ago. It was all over the news.
Lol nice title, The Troll. Still mad? Dude's name is Caban, hence cabana boy. Be simple and jump to the race card instead though!

LA Cabbie

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Damn, homegirl picking up from places I won't venture in even by day. If I was her I would have hung up and moved on.

See now, uber drivers, why cabbies avoid places like Compton. I know some of you will say they had no problems picking up from rough hoods. For a job that no matter how you work it, I'm not getting accosted or worse for what comes out to half minimum wage.


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This is just insane. Ghetto pax isn't at the pick up location, has an attitude over the phone, then the driver loads multiple bags and lets a medium sized pet dog into the car? Totally worth the $2.40. :rolleyes:

What will it take for some drivers to learn to effing cancel and drive off before this kind of thing happens?

She better be pressing charges against that scum for assault, etc.

ETA: just sitting parked to give the reprobate a chance to key her ride wasn't too smart either.
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Wow, you're such a badass, ColdRider... or at least you play one on teh internetz.:rolleyes:
No, I'm no such thing. Did I get under your skin? I must have really upset you. I'm sorry!

To reply to your original comment, yes I can take a punch and I can still sleep in peace. The point is Caban is a joke. Claiming to be traumatized after being knocked around is comical to me. He's just trying to play victim and sue. I didn't condone Golden's actions, but Caban doing interviews for the local news and claiming he can't sleep without a shotgun in his bed is cringeworthy.

By the way, is Ben Golden ghetto? Or is that term only reserved for passengers like the one in this video?

I hope she gets arrested as well though!


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i think the scratches on the car and the punching is made up by the driver.
there is definately spitting going on though.
maybe the driver is making up the punching and keying the car to make it more dramatic.weird.