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Female drivers and paXXX


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I have had several pax make a pass at me and one even asked if I wanted to fool around in the parking lot of the strip club I just took him to. Also, friend of mine, who is a female driver, has actually gone on a date with one of her pax. We were sitting around drinking and laughing about it and I thought I'd share with you some of our jokes:

Pax: can I pick you up? I mean, can I ride you? I mean, can I have a ride?
Partner: not for free.

Pax: do you except tips?
partner: sure... But just the tip.

Pax: I've never been picked up by a girl before.
Partner: makes sense.

Partner: I work the night shift in montrose. Sometimes I take two at a time! Up to four, but it's a tight squeeze.

Pax: your car smells like an ashtray
Partner: I like to smoke cigarettes after I have sex with strangers.

And as we drank, the jokes got more rediculous, terrible and inappropriate, lol! Please share some of your own stories or jokes!


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I've been hit on many times too. I had a woman ask me to join her for lunch. Even had a guy rub himself in my front seat.

Unless they physically attack you, move on, UBER doesn't care.


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I do get smart remarks about a pax never having a female driver before. That's great and all.

I had a group of fabulous gay guys compliment my skin complexion- which totally made my day since I had no makeup on. Doesn't count as being hit on but I have a feeling I may be some sort of Skin Goals inspiration.

One pax got really fresh and asked for my opinion about something and I just said let me call my husband. We laughed it off.

One group of drunk male pax felt the need to explicitly breakdown Beyonce's Drunk in Love. A little awkward but it was kinda of funny. The actual requester kept apologizing for their behavior and asked that I rate just him. My overall response was that my husband is satisfied. I keep it pretty surface with pax and try to have fun with it. Unless they are creepy then I change subjects.