felt a bit guilty


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Got a ping from the Humming bird last night (1.2x) I thought SWEET! It was right at closing and it was packed outside so I call as I pull up....phone goes straight to machine.....great I think.....so I pull up, put on the flashers and start counting down.....a few sec later a get a call from the pax and he is obviously obliterated and barely coherent....double great, no wonder he accepted surge price....as I was trying to figure out what the hell he is saying, 4 fairly well dressed fellas and a nice looking lady walk up and offer me $20 cash to give em a ride to waffle house like 5 miles away...SWEET! hung up on the passenger, canceled (used the do not charge selection) and rolled out.....

So Alex, if your out there, sorry buddy, money talks, you were hammered, and there were 20 other UBERS in the area (sorry if he threw up in any of yalls cars)