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Fares to Gatwick and Stansted


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Take a trip down memory lane.
Addison Lee in 1988.
Owner drivers only then.
Their rates were £0.80 pm account, £1.00 pm cash.
And they had bundles of work. Probably 50% cash. No nonsense traffic like now.
Fill your Diesel tank for £20.


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If UBER lowers airport rates any lower you will be better off giving the Rider a Tenner and driving off.

As most drivers will have weekly costs of at least £350 per week then working 50 hours per week will mean you need to earn around £15.20 per hour just to earn minimum wage , it £17 per hour on a 40 hour week. Uber however tells everyone you can earn £20 per hour. That would equate to £1350 earning after commission for a £50 hour week. Everyone knows that's bollox. So should they be sued for false advertising?

However consider this next time you do a Gatwick Return.

Trip Journey 20 Miles , heavy traffic , rush hour. Time to complete 2 Hours.

So fare will be

Booking Fee £9
Mileage 20 * .90p = £18
Time 120 * .10p = £12

So you end up with £27.75 - according to Uber that the big cahouna......That's for 2 hours driving. You may have been in the queue for an hour. So basically you would earn more by giving the rider a tenner and then f**king off.

I hope they get booted out of London on Sunday....
Why Sunday?


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Fares to Gatwick and Luton are about £60/each. Reduce that by10%, you will get £54/trip/each. If reduction is 15% you will still get £51.00/trip. If I get two trips a day I accept %15 reduction. I will also get at least a matching trip at £60.00 full fare. So I make £162 + more daily. That is not bad for me.