Fares not showing in Uber app


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This evening I did three fares with a 1.3 boost for Uber for which I still have not received credit for. I contacted phone support and they told me that they are having problems posting a lot of fares and that I will get the credit in a few hours. It's been at least four hours now. Did anyone else have this issue this evening?

Kevin Ng

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I did not accept Uber rides after 1 am, they send me at least 20 pool requests, not even one X ride come in !


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I had a ride from Sheraton on dalton to southie at 1.7 surge around 7:30 last night that took 20 minutes. Not showing in my fares but tally for the day is correct. Also not showing in my quest tally


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My weekly quest didnt show up on Thursday so I emailed and support applied it Friday night. They're experiencing some server glitch that has tally running behind.