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I was down at the water front waiting on my pax from that 99 Pub. A group of people walk up to my car and ask if I'm their Uber. Their names did not match my pax so I told them no and their Uber should be here shortly. They stood next to my car looking down the road. Just then an eCab pulls up and asks where they are going. Space Needle they say. He says he can take them for cheaper because Uber is surging right now, just cancel the Uber. ( True, it was surging at a 1.7 at the time. That's what my pax were paying. )

They happily jump in the car. Just then a silver Prius pulls into the parking lot. The eCab hot tails it out of there. I'm still waiting on my pax so I motion the Prius over and tell the driver that I think his pax just took off in that taxi. ( I point to it now stopped at the light. Faces in the back window turned towards him laughing.) I tell him wait that 5 minutes and get that cancel fee. He agrees then exclaims, " Aw No!" I ask what and he tells me they just cancelled him.

Another eCab pulled into the parking lot and I jumped out of my car and stood against it watching the door of the pub and mean-bugging the cab. Another group walked out and looked around. Before the cab could move I called out, "You guys order an Uber?" They say yeah. I ask the name of the person ordering. A guy said *Sam. That was my pax's name and I opened my doors and let them all in my car. Then, I looked back over at the cabbie and we both said $#%*\&$%!! to each other with our eyes, and then I went on my way.

Try and steal my 1.7 Surge %*:!*%!!! cabbie!

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You mean a lot of bloody guys from the movie Captain Philips. Lionel Ritchie was a rare ant.

Yah lots of Captain Philip guys too, but there are both taxi driver and Uber Lionel Ritchies, but not sure if they are into fighting each other.

If I stand outside my car next to a stereotypical Prius taxi charging the same price I will win that fare, hands down, without having to say a word.

Taxi guys cant fight us with fares, so must use their solidarity with violence to truly crush all the ants.


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My fave driver stereotype is the scowling fat baby boomer with a buzz cut. I see lots of them. Always scowling. Always fat. Always silver haired buzz cuts. I pass these ants here and there, usually in suburban areas far away from the wild life, driving the worst possible hours for making money. They always have only Uber stickers because Buzz cut baby boomers don't wear pink. They must look like they hate life at all times. They usually have seahawks bumper stickers. I suspect they never work Seahawks games.


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my favorite boober stereotype is the Vietnamese gambler driver. always talking super loud about going to the casino after his shift

The Ghost of Travis

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my favorite boober stereotype is the Vietnamese gambler driver. always talking super loud about going to the casino after his shift

These dudes are in heaven. They pull a ten hour shift of eating shit all day for a few hundie, instant pay it out and go play baccarat for 2 hours, lose it all, than hit another ten hour shift on no sleep, repeat all month remembering the one time they won big.

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I just had a great interaction with a yellow cab driver. I was driving down 1st ave N just passing key arena in far left lane going to turn left onto Mercer. 3/4 block before Mercer theres a cab stopped with flashers on. I'm in no rush so I chill behind him easier then going around. PAX is getting in slowly and after door closes takes 4-5 seconds for cab to turn off flashers. Puts on turn signal and slowly starts to move over but barely. Light at Mercer is green and there are literally zero cars in any of the lanes coming our way. Thats when I see a space good enough for 2 cars just ahead of where he stopped.

So at this point I realize he blocked traffic when he could've pulled over without having to parallel park, and hes just clueless or stupid or something just slowly inching out of the lane. So I finally honk. And he just stops. So I hold down my horn. And he finally moves and I zoom past just as the light turns red.

I noticed cab driver pulls up next to me and rolled his window down. So I roll mine down and he says why'd you honk and I said because you're driving like an idiot. And he starts saying something about how I should be careful who I honk at. I should add I dont drive a car you'd think was an uber and I had zero stickers or even cell phone mount on my car. So he didn't know I was uber. So I said no I dont need to watch my back and by the way I drive uber too so I'm one of the guys taking all your money. Light turned green and I turned left to get my pizza.