Fare boost and destination filter


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Today was my first day operating under the Fare Boost. I was out of the zone for 1 1/2 hrs after it kicked in, but I got puled back in, and got 1 that went slightly out of the zone, and I still got the 1.5, so I guess that when you get a call inside the zone, you get the multiple, whether it is to Wrigley Field or Naperville. Then I decided to go home an turned on the destination filter. All of a sudden, the zone disappeared, and I got a couple of rides that basically took me in circles. I turned off the app when I got back to Evanston and ordered some Greek fries from Cross-Rhodes. On the way back I made about 12 bucks more, and spent about an hour extra. My take from the boost: $4.25.
I'm going to try to stay in the zone tomorrow, and see what happens..