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Fake Uber's everywhere! Imposters galore!

Discussion in 'News' started by BurgerTiime, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. BurgerTiime

    BurgerTiime Well-Known Member


    Fake Uber drivers are out there: Here's how to avoid becoming their victim
    Jeff Rossen and Conor Ferguson

    Last year, Carla Westlund was sexually assaulted by a man posing as an Uber driver. Similar incidents have been reported across the country.

    Get Jeff Rossen's new book, "Rossen to the Rescue," here.

    To show just how easy it is for Uber imposters to target you, TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen parked outside popular bars and restaurants in the Los Angeles area late at night, in a car with a fake Uber logo. Cameras in the car captured the revealing results.

    How can you avoid becoming a victim of an Uber imposter? Follow these important tips:

    • Before you get in the car, use the Uber app to check the license plate. Make sure it matches the actual car.
    • Check to make sure the person behind the wheel looks like your driver's photo in the app.
    • Don't give away your name. Instead, ask the driver who they are picking up.
    • If you're traveling alone, Uber encourages you to ride in the back seat instead of the front. That way, in an emergency, you can exit on either side of the car. They say this also gives both you and your driver more personal space.
    • Uber also suggests that you share trip details with a friend. You can do this easily by tapping the "share status" option on the Uber home screen once your fare has begun.
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  2. heynow321

    heynow321 Well-Known Member

    I have no sympathy for these “victims”. The passenger has a picture of our ugly mug, the make model and color of the car and the license plate, AND a real time map of where we’re coming from. ****ing idiots
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  3. Spyglass67

    Spyglass67 Member

    Fort Lauderdale
    Wow heard this story from a woman today who took uber for the first time.

    Unbelievable people are getting into fake ubers.
  4. UBERPROcolorado

    UBERPROcolorado Well-Known Member

    Rossen is a bit off base......

    First, Uber requires drivers to obain the name of the rider FIRST, to confirm that the driver has the correct rider. No name can mean no entry and no trip.

    Second, once the rider has been ID'D as the correct person, the rider can ask the driver to confirm the destination. Simple!

    The rest of his advise is common sense and done by most riders I take.....ie....check the plate and driver pic.

    The reporter is making it overly complicated, for the sake of a story.
  5. Stevie The magic Unicorn

    Stevie The magic Unicorn Active Member

    North of Disney, West of Orlando
    This uber imposter deal is only going to become worse as time goes on,

    Uber are infinitely easier to pull off than an imposter taxi.
  6. BurgerTiime

    BurgerTiime Well-Known Member

    If Uber is regulated by the state, they need state issued permits like a taxi. Ohhhhhh!
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  7. transporter007

    transporter007 Well-Known Member

    Murray Hill
    Not if pax checks the tags. Simple. Does the tag match the tag shown in app, period
    Marked taxis are a roll of the dice, something always there to offend your sense of smell and vision
  8. Ant-Man

    Ant-Man Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
  9. Mole

    Mole Well-Known Member

    I never let a person in my vehicle unless they tell me their name first.
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  10. HotUberMess

    HotUberMess Well-Known Member

    They have teams of uh.. alternative legality status driving on fake profiles. The tag alone doesn’t cut it, they need to check the driver’s face
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  11. Stevie The magic Unicorn

    Stevie The magic Unicorn Active Member

    North of Disney, West of Orlando
    The problem... is that there are ubers doing street hails and people dumb enough to get into these cars.


    Forget tapping an app for that Uber — there are drivers who will pick you up off the street for fast cash.

    Taxi and Limousine Commission summons data shows that cars tied to Uber bases are among the worst offenders for illegal street pickups, with 2,825 tickets issued between the start of 2015 and this year, through March 4.

    That’s nearly a fifth of the 14,884 summonses for unauthorized rides issued in that stretch. The five car bases that received the most infractions — totaling 2,335 tickets — belong to Uber.

    It isn't JUST NYC either

    People are treating uber's like taxis without understanding the crucial differences between the two.

    Illegal taxis are far easier to search for, crack down on and to shut down.

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