Fake Ubereats SMS Promotions


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SO, after a month delivering with UberEats, the cracks are now emerging. The 2x boosted areas seem to be no more, and on top of that i am now receiving texts with fake promotions that don't pay out.

I received 3 sms texts over 3 different days last week reading:

"Uber Eats PROMOTION 20/08 13:00 - 16:00 - Derby - Hi <name>, Complete 3 Deliveries accepted between 13:00 and 16:00 to receive £10 on top of your usual fares and Boost multipliers. Reply STOP to unsubscribe."

This seemed a good time to get out and bring home some extra bacon, but now I've received my pay statement, the extra £30 i earned over the 3 days is nowhere to be seen. I accepted 4-5 requests within each period and delivered them all within the allotted time frame and there's no record on my app, not even under quests or an sms to say i'd completed them.

Has anyone else had this issue and would this be even worth seeking legal advice on if Uber doesn't resolve and pay out?

The Gift of Fish

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No solicitor is going to be interested in a 30 quid case against Uber.

See this instead as you purchasing lesson one in a masterclass in Uber. In your £30 lesson you learned that Uber may pay you the bonuses you earn, or maybe not. Use this knowledge moving forward when deciding whether or not to accept future bonus offers from them.