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Fake surge right now in East , uber lies!


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Cking lyft there is 7 regular lyfts in EH, but a 2.8 surge. 7 lyfts equates to 14 UBER s. Yeah in 3 hrs I made $27 last night, the $5 tipper gave me a 1 star. UBER sux


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Close enough to be there, so I monitor it. Cking the lyft app there was 7 cars on Main street, parked: not driving with an uber fare and with the lyft app on.


Hamptons? Now? Way too early. Cant rush the season. The Hamptons will not surge like last year. All I see on these boards are threads and comments about the Hamptons. The area will be SATURATED with locals and T&LC carpet-baggers.


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Surges, hamptons last yr? Where was I? As one guy told me, there's 2000 ubers there...


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Uber has robot cars and posters. You cannot tell the difference from a robo post and a real person, look it up and see.


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I talked to local taxi drivers, they were saying about 200 uber is around just at Montauk. I asked them 200cars for all over Hampton?
They replied No, Just for Montauk.
Soon Hampton will be full with uber and lyft and will cause mass traffic and complain from peoples.

There is New rule in Hampton/Montauk

1. No public parking allowed for rideshare cars (max 15min) parking is allowed.

2. No sleeping in the car- Will get ticket.

3. No Parking in the Park parking area.( Few park are resctricted)

Below are my opinion and advisory.

Please use public barhroom clean. Will be shutdown or close for clean up the mass..(many people wash and cleanup making mess and water drop all over) floor, dirty toilets)

No double park drop off passenger or pickup, No dropping of passenger from Handicap parking zone.

Becarefuel with road sign and one way street, Uber/Lyft app asked you to make illigeal U turn, some road ask you to turn in oneway road from opposite direction.

many people are confused. About uber/lyft sign....

Rideshare TNC decal is must require at bottom front of winshield(passenger side) . I seen many fancy neon lights in above/ middle. Anywhere they like but there is rule for it......