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Fake surge/messed up app

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Fuzzyelvis, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Fuzzyelvis


    Showing surge of 2.3 for over an hour but nothing on the rider app. I could post rider and driver app pics every 10 mins for the last hour to show this isn't a 2 minute lag issue but here's a sample. Wondering if any newbies drove for miles for this. Hope they brought lube!
    Screenshot_2015-09-12-03-29-49.png Screenshot_2015-09-12-03-29-41.png
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  2. It's a well-known Uber trick to get you out there
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  3. Run Forrest Run...
  4. One question...why?
    I've seen surges with 4-6 cars sitting idle. Can't figure that out either.
  5. William1964


    This was happening tonight in Chicago the entire map was never updated and the numbers never changed,

    I took 5 trips from 5 surge area and only two of them ended up being fares at a surge price.

    That was 2 hours ago. I logged in to check the map and think about going out for another 2 hours and it still all red but the numbers have changed.

    The eight trips I've taken today lowered my weekly per trip rate from 7.58 to 7.01
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