Fake requests on Friday and Saturday


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I am so sick of the Friday and Saturday night bs request. Who is doing this all evening is it cab drivers or other uber drivers. But I will say this I'm getting better at spotting the 5⭐️ Riders will not be picked up by me. And if you call me to tell me I'm in the wrong spot I'm not moving till it's changed in the app. But really these are people trying to make money for what ever reason. How does someone think this is ok but looking for suggestions on how to quit getting more bs requests than real ones. Thanks.


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Best thing to do is just not take any pickups more than 3-4 miles away. This limits your time investment if it is fake. Sometimes I don't take anything more than a couple miles if work is steady. If work is slow, I will go up to 3-4 miles or 8-10 minutes. Get to destination and collect no show fee if it is in safe area and carry on.

Yes, avoid 5 star riders in "bad" areas, and long distances away. Be smarter than the fakes. It has gotten better now that the rider cancel window is 2 minutes. A lot of times I will wait a minute before moving then watch carefully for a cancel up to 2 minutes. Then after 2 minutes you are at least guaranteed a no show fee if it is fake. If it is a couple miles drive go, wait, and either give a ride or collect the fee. Don't wait a second over the 5 minutes. If rider calls before the 5 minutes I might wait a bit longer.