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Uber seriously took the L on this one. Ha!


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I just dont get ubers obsessions with cheap rides for pax, how do they plan on continuing this, even an ant can see this is unsustainable.

Yeah, that's disturbing to see. Because you know drivers will be the ones paying for this type of ride in the long run. "Lower fares means more earnings!"


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Uber has already proven that pax will pay a HIGHER fare due to the Upfront Pricing scheme regardless of surges. So how about Uber increase the rates and demolish the Upfront Pricing?


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Come again?

When surge (and PT) was first implemented, UberEats told that was price gouging and it wasn't allowed. UBER's counter arguement was "drivers aren't employees, we can't ORDER them to accept rides, we can only entice." So they were allowed to have surge. Now that the "surge" is only for them (upfront price) it goes back to being price gouging. Federal charges.