Fairfield CT drivers Airport question/long trips


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Hello Everyone !

My question is i live in Faifield County CT and i get a lot of trips to JFK/LAGUARDIA and Newark airports . They are all good pay but i don't get paid for my way back home. I know for JFK and Laguardia for return you need a nyc tlc license. But what about Newark? or any other long trips outside of CT? any info would help thanks!


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think of it like this. you get how much for that long trip divide it by 2. so if it takes you 30 minutes to drop off usually less back 25 will say and you get 18 to 25 for get about other trips get your ass back to that long trip area airport.asap grab another. you making 18 to 25 an hour . empty car or not. on your return trip do what you like crank the stereo masterbate lmao what ever it may be.