Fair play to Mr Khan.

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Congratulations to Mr Khan for putting people's safety before the interest of a global company. (Albeit one that thinks it's a law to itself.)
So now the dust has settled .
Let's look at the implications for all the drivers that are Uber's "partners."
(Although I did notice today that a certain Mr Elvidge mention that 40000 drivers work for Uber?)

About Wednesday TFL will be emailing licenced private hire drivers that they will be committing an offence if they undertake any work through the uber app, as uber will no longer have a licence to operate.

All drivers need to start looking at how they are going to pay their bills and feed their families.
There's no point signing a petition,

"Donald Trump is still the Potus."
And we're still going ahead with "Brexit."

The law and legislation has been seriously undermined by Uber's management and its predatory pricing approach of the Private hire trade in London, let alone the scandalous vat arrangements it has in the Netherlands!
Uber classes itself as an "I T" firm one day and the next day a transportation company?

Let's not beat about the bush! This is going to be a fight that Uber WILL NOT WIN!
Why? Be it a Liberal panel or Conservative panel of Judges, uber hasn't got a leg to stand on.
You can seek false reassurance by hoping it's all going to go in Uber's favour, but it hasn't got a cats chance in hell! It's broken to many legal requirements.

Now let's look at congestion.
Uber's answer is " get as many licensed ph drivers and cars on the roads to be able to pick up every customer instantly!
This is a fact. As per their court case went from advanced bookings to instant bookings.

TFL lose their public subsidy next Year
(just under £500 million.) Now all these empty buses have to be paid for!

Heathrow airport holdings.
How many billions have they invested in Heathrow Express?
Did they have some clout?
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