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Do any of you get tired of the drama and negativity that is in these facebook groups for us drivers? I know I do and thats why I am enjoying a local group not sure if this is allowed or not but check out Uber and Lyft Drivers of Washington. The admin has set 3 questions to try and ensure that the rift raft stays out and it seems to be working.


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facebook is for show-offs! here you can voice your concern about Indian, 25yo drunk scanks, chinese takeout, weird techies... and not get shunned

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I joined one of the biggest groups but never participate. What a den of hostility and hate, but some chuckles. But some of these people are doing like 5 - 10 an hour and if I was in those crap markets and Ubering 30 - 40 hours at that rate, Id probably try to find a bridge to drive off every day.

I would never join facebook.

Ha the Dimwit is a front, as u one smart man, I loath the day I joined FB.


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Did the OP just throw some subtle shade with his invitation? Inferring that those who engage in a little negativity and drama are the 'rift raft'?
(Also, a quick perusal through Miriam-Webster shows that it's riffraff or riff-raff and not to be confused with a flimsy type of boat with a crack in it.)

: people who are not respectable : people who have very low social status
: a group of people who are not considered respectable or honest

Thanks, but no. I think I'll stay with this lot where I can enjoy the (mostly) uncensored and entertaing musings, rants, videos, and helpful tips rather than the 3 question/topic lock down on that fb page.
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