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F.A.Q. for all new drivers

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Mista T, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Q: Is Uber trying to screw me?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Is Uber trying to get revenge on me? It feels personal.
    A: No. They don't know you, they don't care about you. Nothing you did makes you stand out among the other 1 million drivers.

    Q: Uber took over xx% of the fare, can they do this?
    A: Yes.

    Q: I'm so pissed, can I sue them?
    A: No. Unless you opted out of arbitration.

    Q: Am I in danger of being deactivated?
    A: Always. For no reason at all.

    Q: I heard Lyft is better.
    A: You heard wrong.

    Q: Should I rent a car to do this?
    A: No.

    Q: Why (blah blah blah) ratings (blah blah blah)?
    A: Ratings don't matter. Unless you drop below 4.60.

    Q: What's the best way to get more tips?
    A: Be nicer to people.

    Q: I've been told not to take Pool or Shared.
    A: You heard right.

    Q: How do I avoid the horrible people in life?
    A: Quit driving and go work in a warehouse. Alone.

    Good luck!!
  2. Z129

    Z129 Moderator

    F.A.Q. for all new drivers is a masterpiece. 5-stars and 2-Thumbs Up. - Roger Ebert's ghost
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  3. You forgot the most important one:

    Q: Should I become an Uber/Lyft driver?
    A: Bahahahahaha......NO!! Wtf is wrong with you?!
  4. Scott.Sul


    A: Be sure you support the home team... unless the pax is wearing something different, then support their team.
    A: Never talk politics... especially with snowflakes or those with entitlement issues... it is OK to profile.
    A: "Is Uber your only job?", always answer yes. Never mention any job that could be assumed to pay six figures.
    A: When your pax plugs in some Kendrick Lamar, DO NOT sing along.
    A: Always be clean and presentable.... but buy your clothes at Goodwill.
    A: Display a pic of your family, with all ten children, on your dashboard. Bonus if some appear special.
  5. Shoot, I forgot to mention something about AR and cancel rates.
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  6. Never start a trip before the riders are all in your car. Ever. You can't cancel once you start. Starting 30 seconds before they are in is just stupid.

    It's stupid to give low ratings just because people don't cash tip. Tipping is supposed to happen in the app, and many people do tip in the app. I get far more tips in the app than cash tips, and they're technically not even supposed to tip in cash. It's not illegal, but it's against Uber terms of service.

    In my neighborhood, it's international riders who tip more. Students don't tip much, and I see a lot of students, but international students tip much more. Those who are no longer students and have good jobs tip more than Americans in the same category.

    Most of the advice to ignore requests will get you almost no rides unless you're in a major city. Don't bother with any of that nonsense if you actually want to make money doing this. Accept every request you can unless it's a long pickup, and you're already in a location where pickups come quickly. Long pickups are definitely worth taking if you're in the boonies, because they usually pay for you to get back to civilization. They tend to be long rides into town.

    Most of the places on the "don't pick up at" list have been among my better riders (nice and often tipping) or higher fares (because longer distance).

    As for the reason most people get rides, it's not because they have no friends or family willing to bring them places. Often it's students not living near anyone they know with cars. Often it's people with jobs who want to be independent and pay for their transportation but who think Uber is cheaper than buying a car (whether right or wrong about that, it doesn't make them bad riders). Quite frequently I find it's people whose car is in the shop or who lost their vehicle to an accident and haven't finished the process of getting a new one. Sometimes it's people who could get a ride at certain times of the day but not at others, and they need it when their ride is at work or asleep or something. So again this is a recipe for not getting any rides. Prejudging riders before you know anything about them is a terrible idea, and refusing to take rides is a bad idea in most markets.
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  7. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    Sharp post T!
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  8. You must be in a market where there are always rides to come in to replace the ones you don't take. Most of us aren't. If we refuse a ride, that means more downtime not getting any pay.

    I can't usually see where the pickup is anyway until I take it. The brief glance they give of where it is is way too brief and often turned around so it's the opposite direction of where I expect it to be. So I can't imagine how people even engage in pickup location discrimination, other than looking at how far away it is. You're not taking requests and then canceling, are you?

    Cash tips are actually against Uber policy. You're downrating Uber riders for following Uber's rules.

    It really just sounds like you don't want to be an Uber driver at all.
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  9. This is incorrect.

    When the class action lawsuit was won that forced Uber to remove the "tip is included" lie, another outcome was that Uber was forced to allow drivers to put up signs in their car. The signs could say "tips are not required, but are appreciated" or something to that effect.
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  10. AllGold


    I have no real beef about you doing what you do...

    I just wanted to point out that it won't work everywhere because in some of the crappy markets that some people have the misfortune of working in, there's no such thing as a 10+ mile ride (unless it's to another town/market because the town/market is just too geographically small) and there's certainly not going to be another ride waiting as soon as you decline or cancel.

    Of course, I can't argue if you want to say that people shouldn't be working in those markets.
  11. Such an ne
    such an negative attitude.
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  12. Coachman


    When I had an eBay store I used to post on the eBay board and everybody there hated eBay. If you said anything good about eBay you were called a "shill." Sound familiar?
  13. henrygates


    What if the sign doesn't include "are not required"? Because actually yes they are required or eventually these pax will be walking.
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  14. jgiun1


    That about sums up the newbie threads T.

    Also maybe include

    Q) Should I give out candy and ammenties to pax to your list

    A) heck noooooo
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  15. Q: Is Uber trying to get revenge on me? It feels personal.
    A: No. They don't know you, they don't care about you. Nothing you did makes you stand out among the other 1 million drivers.

    I disagree. Uber rewards and punishes based on analyzed behavior and tenure.

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  16. True, however it is all computerized algorithms. They don't sit there and say "Joey ignore 6 pings yesterday, let's give him Old Man Summers who just wants to go to the store. That'll teach Joey to deny pings!"
  17. Where have i seen those little guys holding onto letters before . . . .

    OH YEA . . .

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  18. But but T, what about UberEats?

    You forgot it.

  19. No, they don’t
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  20. I'm gonna have to come out with FAQ II next week. I forgot AR and CR as well, lol. And waiting at the airport.

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