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Eye bleach needed

So pick up these 3 couples from clingman and take to the weed. Age ranged from 35 to 60 as we are going older man who is married to a younger girl starts talking about when you hit 50 you can't send porno vids of yourself to your friends. Everyone is laughing and there phones all go off...girl has sent video to all in the car. Lots of laughter and man says if only my twig was as big as my berries I'd be in porn. Well I'm thinking of two basket balls around his ankles and a micro twig and felt myself start to throw up in my mouth..girl who sent video is behind me and sees me start to wretch and proudly says here wanna see and sticks phone in my face. That god we were stoped so I could open my door to expel the leftover cheeseburger outside of the car..someone please bring me some eye bleach.