Extra taxes for Portland drivers

Mista T

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Reminder: 2 additional taxes required for Portland area drivers.

1. Form SP-2018. Found on the city of Portland website. If you do business in the city, you must pay a tax. Minimum $100. If you do business in Multnomah county, you must also pay tax. Minimum $100. This form will cost you $200. Their phone support is EXCELLENT.

2. Form TM-SE. Found on the OR dept of revenue website. If you do business in the TriMet service district, you must pay. This year it cost me $109.

Hate to see them going after you for not paying the taxes.


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I operated in PDX fo the better part of two years. They never caught me. So, I’m like $600-something ahead ;-)


I did everything through TurboTax and I’m not even sure it accounted for this. Headache coming...

I’m sure I can call them. Egads!