Extra Income for Rideshare Drivers

Pronto Parts Delivery

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Our company, Pronto Parts Delivery, has occasional need for an Immediate delivery to our customers who have many locations nationwide. from Parts Suppliers in other cities including, Gary IN,. These deliveries range from 40 to 100 miles, sometimes farther. Most parts will fit in any car. Minimum Driver Pay is $40.00 per trip Daytime trips pay $1.10 per one-way mile from Pickup Address to Delivery Address. Late night trips pay an extra $10 fee.

We pay driver immediately when delivery is completed by PayPal OR an online bank transfer service, or by check. Most disabilities are not a problem.

Prefer persons living in or Operating Frequently near our Service Centers, including Gary Indiana. Driver pays all vehicle expenses including gas.

It is unlikely any Contract Driver will get called frequently. However, we are aggressively adding new customers. Good extra money source because we pay immediately after each delivery is completed, and high minimum driver pay. Accept deliveries ONLY when you want. Never a problem to say Not This One.

Since our customers who have many locations nationwide, additional Pronto Service Centers will open in more cities, as Drivers become available in more citiess. Register at our website: prontopartsdelivery.com
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I've worked for them for about a year now. it's a great way to make extra money. Pays after you deliver the parts. No waiting for a pay check.