ExpressSlave cuts out rental rewards, yet still pays the same reduced slave rates


Yet, for some reason, there seems to be no shortage of new hoodrat drivers signing up, lined up out the door.
Here in Florida there has been a large inflow of people from Puerto Rico that are being directed to Lyft to get cars through Hertz. This has impacted long time drivers income because the new drivers only drive enough to cover the minimum rides needed weekly to keep the car which they use for other purposes.


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I don't understand. Why would such a small volume of rides being taken away affect the income of long-term drivers?

Does Hertz have lesser qualification requirements when renting to express drive customers, rather than standard Hertz rentals?

I'm not really understanding what incentive the immigrants have to rent through Express drive versus a regular stand-alone car rental through Hertz. In my experience, the express drive rental rate is higher than a typical stand-alone car rental.